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Hi all! Welcome. I am Jim Whitescarver,, husband (DootsMom), father(5++), Universalist, HumanBeing programmer, system architect, and InformationPhysicist living TheGoodLife. I am a consultant at AT&T Research Labs and partner of


My background is computer science; implementer and teacher of object oriented systems, and researcher in the area of collaborative information systems.,


Purpose: To defeat entropy.


Motto: Everything in moderation, especially moderation. Live life with gusto, or why bother.

My Passion

"Passion and reason are the sails and rudder of the seafaring soul. Without either, one can but drift aimlessly" - Gibran

My mother is passion. My father is reason. My passion is reason.

(The adrenaline rush must be acted on so it is not a poison. I Love Life too much)

Other stuff

FlapJack, HammeringBill,Bill Story,Frankly Speaking, LivingWithAnimals, DumbAnimals and UnconditionalLove.

How about SolarCellFarms and the MarsFrontier?

The answer to life, the universe and everything is FortyTwo?

I've been busy in InformationPhysics solving the answer to the universe and everything. Unfortunately, nobody understands me yet, even my mentor, John Wheeler.

My DeclarationOfInterdependence which I dream might be collaborative on a WikiWiki,

Prayer for Humanity facing senseless Death

My updated original home page from 1992 was here

I'm a sort of pathetic but noble Don Quixote, knight of the Truth table. Loved but not liked. A lonely crusader for collaboration-- incapable. IamAnAsshole, a LegendInMyOwnMind, speaking JimSpeak.

A collegue once remarked, "Scarver, If you didn't know what you were talking about, you would have quite a talent."

Yet I live TheGoodLife and feel fulfilled in having expressed myself. Even though the message may not be understood, ideas spread like viruses, and where I live, in the future, they are fulfilled. My voice is part of a great chorus, with the rest of us, manifesting the reborn spirit of humanity in a time which has not yet come.

-- Jim Whitescarver

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Hay Jim!

Hay Jim, I was surfing the web, and when I started reading the pages at I couldn't help but think about JimScarver. It's written in a strange language that's low on verbs. Actually it tends to substitute passive participles for verb phrases. More to the point, the choice of vocabulary is very JimScarver-like, being rich in words like "WinWinWin", "valuation", "TransParency", "networking", etc. etc. etc. Basically the overall tone and style of presentation of a Primerica convention :)

Anyway, like JimScarver they are tiresomely rah rah rah on the idea of capitalism being a constructive force in society and like LorraineLee they seem to think opacity (non-TransParency) is some kind of sin. Enough that she will definitely stay tuned for a while

Maybe they're your kind of people.

Very interesting! I definately resonate with much of it. I copies some of it here and emailed the author, ValueTrue -- JimScarver

Comparing JimScarver (or ValueTrue for that matter) to Primerica was evil on my part. I hope I can be forgiven. IamAnAsshole. It won't happen again.

LOL, I know nothing about Primerica. Please fill us in LL.

Suddenly, WikiWorld is taking on a life of its own. DS and SP are representing me so well I almost don't feel the need to be here. Much of what I want to say is already said when I get here. But there are also new ideas and challanges. Cool things are poping up all over. Wish I had more time. This seems to be working. Life is sooooo good.

Hello Jim! Thank you for you email -- it is indeed remarkable to find someone interested in both banking and knowledge management! BelaDona 21Apr03

"It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young." -- Konrad Lorenz (good plan -- JimScarver)

Hi Jim

Thanks for your welcome and comments regarding WSM wave structure of matter. Well I would dispute that there is nothing waving - there is the aether - OK, you can get by without this concept but it was actually instrumental in Maxwell forming his equations and still provides insights. It was abandoned due to a msitake - people thought that matter was something different than light.

As regards nothing measurable varying as a sine wave, there are some very good examples that approximate it - pendulum motion (with small swing), planetary motion as seen from side (small ellipticity) and so on. However I take your point.

When I first arrived at the harmonics theory (not a part of WSM but something that contains WSM within it) I was surprised to find that the sum of all the sine waves that I predicted was not a wavy line but a horizontal line with vertical lines sticking up from it. However not all the vertical lines have the same height. See my web pages.


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