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I am pretty lucky to live the good life. I am not rich finacially, but my life is rich. The good life means something different to everyone, but we can recogize it when we see it. The animal or person living well is healthy, content and living fully.

The founding fathers of America had a vision of the good life for everyone. Free enterprise and people unbound to the shakels of government could accomplish great things. Unfortunately much of this vision has been lost.

Each of us have our own idea of GoodAndEvil. For us all to live the good life we must accept the simple fact that it is subjective and we can only support each others views of the good life by employing a live and let live SocialContract of CooperativeDiversity.

Wealth is not finite. Our wealth as a civilization depends only of the value we create. What we need first is the vision, and second is the will to create value. Finally we need the means, which we find we have had all along. We have creative minds and the rich resources of the planet, MarsFrontier, galaxy and beyond.

If we manage our shared resources profitably then there is no limit to the value we can create. If we create value, we can all share the freedom to try to live the good life as we see it and fullfil anything we want that does not infringe the freedoms of others.

The DeclarationOfInterdependence is a collaborative attempt to redesign government to reclaim the vision of our founders and thrive in the twentyfirst century.


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Thank You Mr. Scarver for the mention of my page here. For some additional words written around the year 1750 for having of having a good mindset that also guides me, see: WordsToLiveBy --InTheMindway

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