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Describe TedHerrmannSr here. Hey guys-- It is the old great white hunter==== What a terrific series of photos from NC Jimmy -- and what an interesting prospect camping on an island next week! Aunt Clare and I would like to join you for a day before the sun moves too far north. She just returned from Naples. Reports that Leslie (Albuquerque) is out of the hospital. UNCLE TED HerrmannTV@al.com 8-29-03 ====

Hi God Father==== I am sooo impressed that you made a page here. Pics are actually West Virginia... I was on another trip at the time, no pics yet. ====

Indeed, the great white hunter, taught me to shoot, clean, and prepare game. Yet there is so much more I owe to you, and have passed to my brothers and children, your gusto for living life fully, with passion and purpose, following your hearts desire. You are most cetainly a great uncle. Thanks.


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