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About Me

A simple Star Pilot (who is another self proclaimed Emperor of all the Solar System :-), wandering a few universes of existence (Analog, Digital, Personal Imaginings, Self Delusion, etc :-D). A GamePhilosopher in mind, spirit, and body.

A Resident of the WE and senior member of the Devil's Advocate Club.

Interested in many things.

Primary Interest: Looking To The Stars

Other interests include (but certainly not limited to): InformationCenters (including ConceptManagement, KnowledgeManagement), Cosmology, Astronomy, QuantumPhysics, GameTheory, StrategyGames, SoftwareDesign (aka SoftwareMethodology), PocketDigitalAssistants (particularly PocketPCs), ArtificialIntelligence, ArtificialStupidity (generally found in Games, but used elsewhere as well), ExpertSystems, Robotics.

I am an optimist about people, and a pessimest about situations. This explains how good people do bad things (especially to each other).

Marketing Vandalism

I'm getting very tired of the Marketting Vandalism that occurs. We could do with a bit more IP records of the people coming here and changing pages to be nothing but their markerting links. With IP records, I could then at least pester their provider and their upstream provider that they have users vandalisizing and harassing web communities. That tends to get the attention of commercial ISP providers. If they are bugging us, they are likely to be bugging other web communities, so the complaints will be building up.

There's always idiots and super-selfish animals that abuse whatever is available until you sick a PoliceForce on them. It's sad but true fact.

How I Found You

I found you guys from It's also LucidFriedEggs. Another collaborative knowledge system. (The site is no more, but it has been replaced/evolved.)

Hope you like playing devils advocate StarPilot I am loving your stuff. Your illumination of the issues is on target. Thanks -- JimScarver

Oh, I love discussion. I found out early in life that it is a very interesting way to become exposed/aware of ideas and information that I would not have found on my own. And that playing Devil's Advocate is a good way to generate/continue a discussion on interesting things. :-D

StarPilot's OddPages

Useful Apps

And now, an app or three that I find useful in my work.



  • Easy Reach - URL: - Enfish sold its product to Easy Reach. They are now maintaining the Enfish product under the name/brand Easy Reach. In addition to the standard perpetual license you can buy for the shareware/trialware, they offer a subscription service that lets you access your desktop search engine from your Blackberry.
  • Password Keeper - URL: - : Info: Has nice set of features for a password keeper program. You can maintain as many files as you want, and the files are encrypted. Like many of Gregory Braun's applications, it has a preset limit (1000). I chose this app because it was originally freeware, and it enabled me to create new accounts, log the account and its password into a new PK file, and email that encrypted file to my authoring station (Home or Work) to be merged into my 'proper' PK file. This app has been around for many years, dating back to when no other password keeper could come close, especially not when it was freeware.
  • Personal Brain - URL: - Info: Useful as an URL organizer, graphing anything involving flows, and hierachial lists with shortcut/symbolic linking (just like UNIX and Win9x/NT file structures).
  • Winzip - URL: - Info: Useful zipper/archiver. ;-)
  • Zoot - URL: - Info: Personal Database. Can organize lots of info, including Outlook PIM info. You can assign items to multiple databases, multiple projects, multiple folders inside all of that.

Latest finds:

Truly amazing language parser: Daisy just blows me away! Its a "ChatBot" (sometimes they are called ChatterBot) project that can learn any language from nothing! Very nice parser. It's grammatical skills seem to end up at about bright child. Freeware!

Mark your calendars

Asteriod fly by visible to the naked eye -- Once in a millenium event! Of course, it won't happen until 2029. But it gives you a chance to start planning out a nice, dark area to see this. ;-)

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