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WE as individuals form collaborations called governance to meet our common interests. We agree to allow each other to live TheGoodLife in our own way as long as it doesn't interfere with our freedom to live as we wish. We have a responsibility all our collaborative activities to minimally restrict the activity or mandate actions by our individuals.

As HumanBeings Live and let live requires that we collectively protect the lives of our individuals against war, murder, and enslavement and theft of property.

Collective solutions must be evolutionary, not revolutionary in our changing world. Flexibility and diversity in our endeavors is required to make them resilient to change.

We agree all creatures have property rights to a reasonable share of our shared resources, and that we collectively have the responsibility to manage our shared resources profitably by facilitating the creation of value and discouraging the destruction of value in all our laws and policies. This amounts to sustaining our planet and economy with objective, responsible and holistic policies supporting the principle of CooperativeDiversity.

The objective methodology that allows us to build bridges and buildings that don't fall down and go safely to the moon, can and should be applied to building our future. As we learn from our mistakes the domain of problems that succumb to analysis with objective criteria to provide proven solutions to the changing needs and environment.

We must be conservative in application of objective truth in collective solutions since there is no absolute truth, truth is relative to some logical context. Our solutions must also be holistic and consider all perspectives of all problem domain and solution domain issues and stake holders.

Collective solutions must minimize intrusion into the lives of ordinary citizens. We should not add complexity or demand servitude of our citizens (except in emergency).

Thus in our collaboration we consent to be driven by:

  1. Protecting the rights of individuals, families, and communities to live TheGoodLife and perform their SocialDuty their own way.
  2. Sustaining our planet.
  3. Promoting the creation of value.
  4. Investing in our long term FutureValue.

The methodology in carrying out these responsibility will include:

  1. Objective, Holistic, Flexible, and Diverse, and Unobtrusive criteria for our collective endeavors.
  2. Expert consensus validation and assessment of social, economic and environmental issues.
  3. Executive action by initiatives of our duly elected and appointed representatives.
  4. Common belief as evidenced by the majority (3/4ths needed for overriding above).
  5. Court system validation of collective action consistency with this social contract and protection of the rights of our individuals provided here-in.

The DeclarationOfInterdependence is a call to action to employ objective criteria in social action to achieve the objectives of our social contract here on earth and the MarsFrontier and beyond.

See HumanRights, AmericanVanguard, AnewGo

To be clear, as in most all WikiWorld documents, this document stands independently of referenced supporting documents which are living documents themselves not to be considered inclusions in this document.

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