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5/30/02 Jim Whitescarver - JimScarver

6-11-02 Erin Riley

6/30/02 Jetta Kessler

7-24-02 JamesCrook

29-07-03 MichaelWhite

29/7/02 TomAbeles

2002-07-31 StarPilot

2002.9.8 SteveWhite Would it be nice to have a standard date format? Or are we enjoying the anarchy? What the heck is 29-07-03 ? And I don't quite get the point of the Summary: field under this TextArea edit box. I love Wikis.

2002.9.8 LorraineLee aka LoriZ aka n8chz are you SteveWhite of MRI or another?

200209.10 WizardWiki (I haven't seen stardates in a long time :-p ) Wiki always scared me - good to know nothing is lost in WikiWorld. The fact anyone can post as anyone still bothers me though. shrug I like the site. I wonder how many other practical applications wiki has. Well its back off to college classes for me - I got an email that stressed "FREE FOOD" 6 times for a meeting - I figure it must be important =)

2002.9.14 JohnScarver aka .33 of KaJoTra, jwhitesc, jww, living life back in the wilderness, but working in the jungles of government and IT, and also .25 of Scarver

WizardWiki, eating is definately important. Make sure to lock your brain and wallet up tight going to that meeting. Anyone telling students free food that much is trying to find warm bodies for something. ;)

SteveWhite, 29-07-03 is European dating. In European dating format, it's DD-MM-YY where DD is Day, MM is Month, YY is Year. I prefer the Star Date and it's variations because it makes for the easiest sorting possible. :D The summary field is the comment that will show up one the RecentChanges page... it lets you enter a quick comment summing up your addition/change to the page to be shown to everyone that looks at the RecentChanges page. --StarPilot

2002.11.4. SheLog


2003.1.8 DavidSiegel Amazing . . . I found a 1.1 version of what I was hoping to create - ExtremeCollaboration. I suppose its not all that amazing after all. "There is nothing new under the sun." The very fact that I am thinking it suggests it has be thought before. See DavidSiegel for more on how I found this and what I intend to do with it :-).

Does anyone else think 2003 is an odd year?---- 2003.1.9 [MichaelRasmussen] Ahhh, thank you Jim for the spell checker. Now to correct all my pages...

2003.1.27 KooMar Suresh What up everyone?

2003.3.8 KenSchry

2003.04.19 BelaDona

2003.10.21 DaveRaftery

2003.12.12 - [Test]- Wikis are great


2004.05.01 Wikis Are Great... Come test mine.. But there's no content as I'm currently the only visitor.

[KillerSponge Wiki]


Nik Radford


2005.05.25 LarsOlson

Hello Queda [Paraquedismo Salto Duplo Paraquedas] 2005


Good Page! [SJT Cursos para ResidĂȘncia MĂ©dica] 2006

Just popping in to say hi. Any new developments? I like the new look a lot. --DavidSiegel

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