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I will never remember to update this, so here's the link to my senior recital at Rowan University which took place on April 2nd 2006. I will not actually graduate until 2008, because I am pursuing an Education degree as well. I will be certified to teach only music, but for all 12 grades.

To educationally enhance your listening of this music, if you have Microsoft Office, you can get yourself a copy of microsoft publisher and view the program that I designed for my special day. You will be prompted to download the applet I used to design the program, so say yes. I think that you should print out a copy of the program, so you can pretend that in all the hectic preparation for my recital that I remembered to invite you to be there in person. JimScarver also has some pictures that he took and a little movie of one of my encores. If you've gotten this far, have fun. Tell me what you think. And yes, I will make the program available in a more user friendly format someday. Bug me and it'll happen soon.

If you have heard about some event in which I am singing at Rowan, here's how to get there. Directions from north 'Jersey:

Take '206' or the 'Turnpike SOUTH' to highway 295 SOUTH.

'206': south until 95 NORTH - which turns into 295 SOUTH in a mile or two

Then follow directions from 295 from below.


'shorter way': (saves gas and toll money)

Take exit 4 (Burlington, Mt. Holly)

This will be on Rt.73 for a bit, follow signs for 295 SOUTH

After exits for Rt.30 and Rt.168 (can't remember exit #s) LOOK OUT! Signs get complicated.

Get on 42 SOUTH. (it's confusing, sorry)

Second exit is for 55 SOUTH (first is for Creek Rd.)

Take exit 50a (toward Glassboro, NOT Mullica Hill). (You will pass a texaco if you went the right way.)

FIRST traffic light, Donald Barger Road, LEFT. (Pass that and you'll end up in the middle of campus)

FIRST RIGHT onto campus, pass through parking gate.

PARK in the gravel lot on the LEFT.

WILSON HALL is across the way from the lot, it's dark brown brick. The circular part of the building is PHLEEGAR HALL, pick any door, and the recital hall is through the doors by the loading dock and down the hall.

'LOOOONG way' but less confusing: go to exit 2 on the Turnpike, travel EAST on 322

several miles later and after 322 takes a few turns, you will pass over highway 55, then follow directions from exiting 55 on.

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