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StopSpamNow -Peace at last with new spam filters.

WirelessNow -Wires are obsolete.

HumaneInterfaceRevolution -Key boards and Monitors are obsolete.

CollectiveConscious -Dose not exist, but it really does, and you cant prove it by its own logic, because the proof hides recursively.

RecursiveReasoning - The solutions lie with in the problems properties of creation. How was the problem created in the first place. Well maybe there never was a problem.

TheLogicIsWrong - Why do we live in such ill-logic.

My "Free" Ware

The cannot live without freeware. These have saved my ass.

   * ZoneAlarm -
   * Sypbot search and destroy - - not so stable on W2k but it works.
   * AntiVir 6 - - anti virus that is free free free.
   * Odi's DOS tools for long file names

The very cool and free

   * cutePDF - - a PDF writer that uses and includes ghostscript Acrobat readable.
   * Irfanview - - Has command line switches. It can hide in batch mode.

Other sites that can save your ass.


Also, don't forget but it throws popups at you now.

In DiscussCandidatesMore you said it extremely well.

 Thanks.  I stopped the spam on XanthusInc tonight.  Awesome....

HowToBecomePresident - Tell every one what they want to hear.


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