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I don't think so==== ====


What do you think, Kerry or Bush?

I am certainly open to alternatives. The last thing I want, or am qualified to become is presendent. Who should I vote for?


You can always vote for me for President. I can be as pompous and full of myself as any presidential candidate we've had in the last 40 or so years.


Populate the galaxy and beyond==== I'll vote for that! What else is on your platform?  :-) ====


Locally? Equal rights for all, education, research, and a tax system overhaul==== ====

  1. Heavy investment ("Research grants" and "Prizes offered for...") into Space Tech and Research.
  2. Heavy investment ("Research grants" and "Prizes offered for...") into Ocean Tech and Research.
  3. Heavy investment ("Research grants" and "Prizes offered for...") into Renewable Energy. Look into how soon Oil can be dropped as the primary basis of our transportation system. Issue a challenge to the nation to make it happen.
  4. Marriage for Homosexuals: they are a federally and legally recognized minority, and not granting them the basic right to form a 2 person domestic partnership contract (marriage) is going to be found to be Unconstitutional in the US eventually... might as well get that over with now. The only way to stop this is to stop dividing people by their sexual preference. But that isn't going to happen, as day to day Government is about dividing its people so that it can play one group off another and that lets those in Government do as they want. Eventually, all forms of domestic arrangements between consenting adults will have to be recognized legally. (Equal rights for all)
  5. Call for an examination of education grants (at all levels). Where money won't help, cut back to the diminishing returns point. Move that money over to states and regions where it will help their education systems. (Education - Getting more bang for our buck.)
  6. If you are going to have standardized testing for students, have standardized testing for teachers on the subjects they teach, every 3 years. Don't pass that test, don't get to teach. (Teacher Unions claim standardized testing of students is the only way to know if an education system is "a good thing", but claim that standardized testing of teachers knowledge on their subjects is purely a waste as it is meaningles. Can't have it both ways.) (Education - Getting more bang for our buck)
  7. Re-examine National Security. See where recent expanded police powers have only been used to investigate local issues rather then to defend Nation. Revoke anything being used primarily for local benefits and not national. (Security and Rights)
  8. Fund research into screening our ports and official border crossings. (Security and Research)
  9. Fund and Equip Border Patrols more. (National Security)
  10. Repel the income tax. Replace it with a National Sales tax. Those who consume more, will pay more. Those who consume most, will therefore pay the most to the government for its services.

That's just off the top of my head. What do you think? =-) I know I wouldn't get most of this... Congress would have to go along for it, and there just isn't enough pork to hand out to get most of them onboard to make it work (although it has plenty of natural "pork points"). But that's my platform.


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