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As of February 2005

Yahoo Groups wants me to use to or lose my mailing list, so I take this opportunity to say hello to my friends & family. Winter has been quite mild here in the Washington area this year. The temperature has reached into the 60's making me feel as if I were back in Florida. We visited the Orlando area over the holidays and returned with upper respiratory infections from our grandchildren. It was all worth it.

My mother underwent triple ByPass surgery (2/05)

Roadway slows down and Bill makes the move to YellowTransportation

MullerFest was a blast Thank you Rosalie!

Phyllis takes a career detour.

Bill switches gears and joins TeamsterLocal 639 in Washington D.C(rev.11/04)


The CarWreck, Phyllis recovers, it's an uphill battle.(rev,11/04)

Bill and Phyl spend time with old friends AtChurch(rev.11/04)

Phyllis TakesaTrip at the mall(rev.11/04)

Destination: FairfaxVa for BillScarver

ConsolidatedFreightways goes Chapter 11, BillScarver Sees another opportunity for a career/life change on his 54th birthday

PhylScarver finds a home in Government Information Technology Industry(rev.11/04)

Ted and Esther

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