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tejhsterport: party boy
tejhsterport: :-P
tejhsterport: :-D
tejhsterport: =-O
[[JimScarver]]: >:o
tejhsterport: 8-)
tejhsterport: did u vote for the commie
tejhsterport: :-D
tejhsterport: I guess so but u must be ashamed to admit it:'(
tejhsterport: hello
tejhsterport: u go home?
tejhsterport: u there?
[[JimScarver]]: going to vote against the facist
tejhsterport is idle at 8:01:41 PM.
tejhsterport is no longer idle at 8:01:41 PM.
tejhsterport: Sorry W won
tejhsterport: guess u will have to deal with it for 4 more years
tejhsterport: 4 more years
tejhsterport: 4 more years
tejhsterport: lol
[[JimScarver]]: God help us.
tejhsterport: God help anyone that isn't on his side
tejhsterport: think about it
[[JimScarver]]: rambo america will survive i expect
tejhsterport: only the commies have something to fear
[[JimScarver]]: we will just be evil :-P
tejhsterport: evil works:-D
[[JimScarver]]: fuck you :-D
tejhsterport: only with plenty of vasoliene8-)
[[JimScarver]]: yuck
tejhsterport: and please avoid the peper
[[JimScarver]]: 8i take it back:-P
tejhsterport: take it back with or without vasolene
tejhsterport: ?
[[JimScarver]]: luv ya, but, not butt :-P
[[JimScarver]]: lol
tejhsterport: luv ya too no vasoliene in this butt   k
tejhsterport: lol
[[JimScarver]]: ww3 soon, get your kids ready
[[JimScarver]]: we have chosen to make enimies for another 4
tejhsterport: i already purchased radiation equipment and i am working on a subteranian shelter
[[JimScarver]]: wise
tejhsterport: I actually had patients cancel because they were soo depressed
[[JimScarver]]: finally killed the spam
tejhsterport: I told them to get depressed when they get my cancelation fee
[[JimScarver]]: spammassassin plud my blamblock
[[JimScarver]]: plus
tejhsterport: did it die a peaceful death
[[JimScarver]]: not really
[[JimScarver]]: 1500 new spamer ip adresses every day
tejhsterport: well I hope it hurt a lot then
tejhsterport: 1500 those r some big numbers
[[JimScarver]]: but you wont see any on
[[JimScarver]]: :-Di am the spam master
tejhsterport: did u get my check yet?
tejhsterport: how can u sell it?
[[JimScarver]]: lol, still waiting
tejhsterport: It is in the mail I sware ;-)
[[JimScarver]]: no more spam on
tejhsterport: Yeah can we sell it!!!!!!
tejhsterport: Esther is having her birthday on the 8th
[[JimScarver]]: $1/email account maybe
tejhsterport: at the rate u r going ud be a milionare in no time flat
[[JimScarver]]: lol, you sell them for $2 if you can :-P i ain't no salesman
tejhsterport: let me talk to my friends
[[JimScarver]]: i am the spam master :-P
tejhsterport: did u know xp home edition suks
tejhsterport: is anyone elese online with u?
[[JimScarver]]: lol, big time, but have not converted to linux yet
[[JimScarver]]: charlotte
[[JimScarver]]: Dootersmom
tejhsterport: u still at work?
[[JimScarver]]: yep
tejhsterport: on what?
[[JimScarver]]: just finishes locking spam out of now
[[JimScarver]]: now playing
tejhsterport: it doesnt kill good addresses rite
[[JimScarver]]: did a lille infophysics
[[JimScarver]]: little
tejhsterport: infophysics?
[[JimScarver]]: ruthless, i kill everybody who spams us, but i forgive
[[JimScarver]]: 3 strikes and I block the group
tejhsterport: hey I'm learning to play guitar
[[JimScarver]]: the internet provider deserves angry costomers, they are allowing spam
tejhsterport: I really suck :-
tejhsterport: I agree
[[JimScarver]]: practice practice practice
tejhsterport: the dogs howl the more I practice
tejhsterport: lol
[[JimScarver]]: we can only stop it by inforcing it.
tejhsterport: no way around the hony pot
[[JimScarver]]: but not everyone need be a spam avenger, we can allow people to block only what they want to block, we can taylors a solution for an organization
tejhsterport: We have to be able to sell this
[[JimScarver]]: my default policy is zero tolerance, and I HATE zero tolerance generally.
[[JimScarver]]: but it is necessary
tejhsterport: that sounds vaguely familiar???????
[[JimScarver]]: and i am forgiving :-P
tejhsterport: u getting political on me again????=-O
[[JimScarver]]: spiritual
[[JimScarver]]: it is a war of the gods
tejhsterport: I love spiritual especialy when it comes to computers
[[JimScarver]]: but it turns our to be the same God :-P
tejhsterport: hey are we not created in his image?
[[JimScarver]]: there is no Us and Them, only us.
tejhsterport: there for war......
[[JimScarver]]: i am powerless to stop the war, but I cannot be silent.
tejhsterport: so in the end we are only fighting ourselves
[[JimScarver]]: exactly:'(
tejhsterport: It was more fun when we were evil:-
tejhsterport: lol
[[JimScarver]]: killing our own children in a unusually small genetic diversitity
tejhsterport: it is the neccessary part of natural selection
[[JimScarver]]: no reasonable being would choose death over life, darkness over light, ...
tejhsterport: but yet darkness and light is in each one of us it is the natual balance.....  you cannot have one without the other
tejhsterport: :-(
tejhsterport: some clearly do choose darkness
[[JimScarver]]: I have God's world at home.  the loin (cats) lay down with the the lambs (rabbits).  My time has not yet come, when God's world is on earth.
tejhsterport: God's world is earth
tejhsterport: one does not exisit without the other
tejhsterport: [[wife]] needs me my world is calling me
tejhsterport: brb
[[JimScarver]]: we all withness the eclips simutaniously but none of us withness the same quantum event
[[JimScarver]]: God is of all worlds, God is unknown, what we know is Science, the rest is God the creator of information in the information ecology we call our universe.
[[JimScarver]]: a top level organization always emerges in a sufficiently complex information ecology.
[[JimScarver]]: we are a top level organization of our cells, nothing more.
[[JimScarver]]: gotta run
[[WhiteyScar]] is no longer idle at 9:02:19 PM.
[[WhiteyScar]]: I think the election results reflect American attitudes perfectly
[[WhiteyScar]]: we are divided- almost down the middle
[[WhiteyScar]]: All the people who voted for Bush have truly noble intentions.  They are duped.  It is quite sad.
[[WhiteyScar]]: They want to do what's right for the country- or for themselves.
[[JimScarver]]: johnscarver said it well
[[WhiteyScar]]: It's not the right course for our nation because it's not the right course for the world.
[[JimScarver]]: in
[[JimScarver]]: it never is, we must go on from here...
[[WhiteyScar]]: ?
[[WhiteyScar]]: it never is?
[[JimScarver]]: spank goerge and think forward
[[JimScarver]]: nothing that happens is exactly right for this world
[[JimScarver]]: not that we can know what is right
[[JimScarver]]: the effects are non-linear
[[JimScarver]]: unpredictable
[[JimScarver]]: but also are our own effects, we select amoung futures
[[WhiteyScar]]: every state within 100 mies of Ground Zero voted Kerry
[[JimScarver]]: the butterfly effect...
[[JimScarver]]: the science of chaos
[[JimScarver]]: could we have changed the vote?
[[JimScarver]]: absolutely, but we chose not to.  we could have made the difference.
[[WhiteyScar]]: i don't think the vote could have been changed much
[[JimScarver]]: or we chose to do other things
[[WhiteyScar]]: all those kerry supporters that registeered and he still lost
[[JimScarver]]: I promised Wheeler I'd help stop ww3.
[[WhiteyScar]]: because that IS the make-up of our nation
[[WhiteyScar]]: dod you hear my Bush song?
[[JimScarver]]: no
[[JimScarver]]: url?
[[WhiteyScar]]: or something
[[WhiteyScar]]: but that is an old mix
[[WhiteyScar]]: i'll upload the new one
[[JimScarver]]: you should understand nin-linarr dynamics, you are a musician.  anything can be changed.
[[JimScarver]]: linear
[[WhiteyScar]]: i know- but i think the attitudes that determined this election have been long inb the making
[[WhiteyScar]]: we'd have to go back really far
[[WhiteyScar]]: and MOST IMPORTANTLY
[[WhiteyScar]]: people do not want to change their minds
[[WhiteyScar]]: they do not want new information
[[WhiteyScar]]: "people are not interested in the Truth"  [[JimScarver]]
[[JimScarver]]: awesome  I love it!
[[WhiteyScar]]: the song?
[[JimScarver]]: but i cannot exclude present company
[[WhiteyScar]]: do you see the words?
[[JimScarver]]: at least not myself :-P
[[WhiteyScar]]: i lost you again
[[JimScarver]]: i see
[[JimScarver]]: i feel
[[JimScarver]]: breaking anybodies world model is hurtfull
[[JimScarver]]: o lost you again :-P
[[WhiteyScar]]: gotcha
[[JimScarver]]: its my favorite song
[[WhiteyScar]]: did you hear/read the song?
[[WhiteyScar]]: oh
[[JimScarver]]: its playing for the third time :-D
[[WhiteyScar]]: new mix will be available in 1 minute
[[WhiteyScar]]: 40sec
[[WhiteyScar]]: hey- that's me on drums
[[WhiteyScar]]: my first time REALLY recording myself on drums
[[WhiteyScar]]: ever
[[WhiteyScar]]: if you can believe that
[[WhiteyScar]]: new mix is there
[[JimScarver]]: if only i were competent to know how really great it is as I trust you way beyond my understanding
[[JimScarver]]: musically at least :-P
[[JimScarver]]: i love the mix, i may miss it.
[[WhiteyScar]]: you may
[[WhiteyScar]]: tell me if you do
[[WhiteyScar]]: listen to the new
[[JimScarver]]: still 4.0MB?
[[WhiteyScar]]: yup
[[JimScarver]]: still says 22-Oct
[[WhiteyScar]]: refresh
[[JimScarver]]: did
[[WhiteyScar]]: OHHH
[[WhiteyScar]]: go back one directory
[[JimScarver]]: 3.9MB
[[WhiteyScar]]: yuppers
[[WhiteyScar]]: see the other song too?
[[WhiteyScar]]: Put it somewhere on
[[WhiteyScar]]: somewhere meaningful
[[WhiteyScar]]: somewhrere will people will notice it
[[JimScarver]]: you took out too much of the natural you, but you may just need more backup, imho
[[WhiteyScar]]: imho?
[[JimScarver]]: in my humble opinion. as the young people say :-P
[[JimScarver]]: i still love it
[[WhiteyScar]]: i changd the catch phrase to make it more melodic
[[JimScarver]]: i can die now
[[WhiteyScar]]: don't know if it is an improvement
[[JimScarver]]: again.
[[WhiteyScar]]: but the overall mix is bettr now
[[JimScarver]]: i may even grow to like dieing:-P
[[JimScarver]]: yikes, almost train time.
[[WhiteyScar]]: dont miss it again
[[JimScarver]]: i missied my fucking train
[[WhiteyScar]]: Goddammit
[[WhiteyScar]]: why don't you fucking listen to me??!?
[[WhiteyScar]]: i said......
[[JimScarver]]: i am an assholr
[[WhiteyScar]]: [[WhiteyScar]]: dont miss it again
[[WhiteyScar]]: on some level you must have wanted to miss it
[[WhiteyScar]]: you don't like living in a petting aoo i suppose.
[[WhiteyScar]]: petting zoo
[[JimScarver]]: i added us to
[[WhiteyScar]]: who is [[StarPilot]]
[[WhiteyScar]]: ?
[[JimScarver]]: programmer at nasa, good friend
[[WhiteyScar]]: good, dumb friend.
[[WhiteyScar]]: i still say that Greg and [[JimLong]] have the most salient information in the discussion
[[WhiteyScar]]: logical
[[WhiteyScar]]: without malice
[[WhiteyScar]]: or defensiveness
[[JimScarver]]: i am blocking over 1,000,000 spammer ip adresses
[[WhiteyScar]]: there is a difference between their comments and everyone elses
[[JimScarver]]: i am the spam king
[[WhiteyScar]]: i read the diary
[[JimScarver]]: oh
[[WhiteyScar]]: i think it's the difference between logical reasoning and emotion based arguments
[[JimScarver]]: so then star pilot is the target audience
[[WhiteyScar]]: ?
[[JimScarver]]: and he aint dumb
[[WhiteyScar]]: i know
[[WhiteyScar]]: but his comments lack substance
[[JimScarver]]: i'll beat you up if you say he is dumb :-P
[[WhiteyScar]]: i know he's very smart
[[WhiteyScar]]: but he;s not immuned to his own bias
[[WhiteyScar]]: his emotional perspective
[[JimScarver]]: nobody is, you were even seduced by the anti-muslems
[[WhiteyScar]]: i am anti- church
[[WhiteyScar]]: churches are political
[[WhiteyScar]]: spirituality is enough
[[WhiteyScar]]: None of the scriptures are "divine" in my opinion
[[WhiteyScar]]: all the words of men
[[JimScarver]]: but you have to admit that God reveals himself to all peoples in magnificent ways, it is just that no religion is the onw right religion.
[[WhiteyScar]]: The protestant churches are to thank for G W's win today
[[WhiteyScar]]: there intentions were good
[[WhiteyScar]]: they're just trying to do God's will
[[WhiteyScar]]: if only there was a way that they could know what his will is
[[WhiteyScar]]: in lieu of his silence- the church will guide us
[[JimScarver]]: i tend to thank the fundimentalist churches, not because they don't want the right things, but only because they delgate that to God.
[[WhiteyScar]]: delegate what to God?
[[JimScarver]]: they siply don't understand and don't need to, they have delegated control to God, and they are not wrong.
[[WhiteyScar]]: how is voting for Bush delegating control to God?
[[JimScarver]]: there are many gods, but God isi the creator.
[[JimScarver]]: that which is beyond our sciece.
[[WhiteyScar]]: how is voting for Bush delegating control to God?
[[JimScarver]]: we need not talk about that but we can. and it is not bad top do so.
[[WhiteyScar]]: ?
[[JimScarver]]: refusal to take responsibility is alsays deligating authority to God.
[[JimScarver]]: i am the master of that.
[[WhiteyScar]]: refusal to take responsibility is irresponsibilty
[[JimScarver]]: i am not going to make it home and i an drunk and stoned.
[[WhiteyScar]]: god has authority wether or not we delegate it to him
[[WhiteyScar]]: no?
[[WhiteyScar]]: if God is,
[[WhiteyScar]]: then he has the authority regardless of whether wed delegate it to him
[[JimScarver]]: make your own judgement as towhether I am here....
[[WhiteyScar]]: ?
[[WhiteyScar]]: lol
[[WhiteyScar]]: get home safe
[[WhiteyScar]]: i love you
[[JimScarver]]: there is always higher level organization
[[JimScarver]]: i an not going home.
[[WhiteyScar]]: you need to think about what I've sad
[[WhiteyScar]]: said
[[WhiteyScar]]: namely.....
[[JimScarver]]: i think you underestimate me
[[WhiteyScar]]: if God is,
 then he has the authority regardless of whether wed delegate it to him
[[JimScarver]]: sorry to confuse you :-P
[[WhiteyScar]]: you haven't answered my questions
[[WhiteyScar]]: I have 2
[[JimScarver]]: God needs nothings from anything
[[WhiteyScar]]: that's not an answer- that's my point
[[WhiteyScar]]: therefore
[[WhiteyScar]]: delegatin responsibilty to him is irresponsibilty
[[WhiteyScar]]: he doesn't need it
[[JimScarver]]: right
[[JimScarver]]: it is just that we are irresponsible and do not deserve contril
[[WhiteyScar]]: therefore, voting for Bush because the church said to is irresponsibilty
[[WhiteyScar]]: who is irresponsible?
[[JimScarver]]: we don't know
[[WhiteyScar]]: who does not deserve control?
[[JimScarver]]: alll that we know is that we did what we did and got the result that we deserved
[[WhiteyScar]]: whether or not you deserve control is determined by what you do with it (control) because we all have it whether or not we want it
[[WhiteyScar]]: and how you use it determines whther or not one is responsible or otherwize
[[JimScarver]]: Hitler got control because he had a vision, I believe, but his vision was limited so he lostcontrol.
[[WhiteyScar]]: you said this....JimScarver: they siply don't understand and don't need to, they have delegated control to God, and they are not wrong.
[[WhiteyScar]]: they ARE wrong to do it
[[WhiteyScar]]: they are irresponsible
[[WhiteyScar]]: why would God have created us if he wanted us to grow up and then delegate control to him- control he already has.  Why would he give us a will?
[[WhiteyScar]]: create all these beings with all this potential so they can mature- then submit our will to his
[[WhiteyScar]]: that is seriously Fucked Up
[[WhiteyScar]]: that is tatamount to spiritual suicide
[[WhiteyScar]]: God wants us to excersize our will for the benefit of our fellow man
[[JimScarver]]: weel, my decision was to deligate to God, but if you have better ideas than God I will follow you instead.
[[WhiteyScar]]: that is just as cowardly an escape from your responsibility
[[JimScarver]]: God is defined ar "the creator", what that means has not been determined.
[[WhiteyScar]]: i'm not saying don't "follow" God
[[WhiteyScar]]: I'm saying that people who submit to his will as defined by the church are shirking the responsibility that God has put  upon them
[[WhiteyScar]]: the Church is not God
[[JimScarver]]: whenever I tried to take contro; I fucked up.  I have not really had any choice but to obey God.
[[WhiteyScar]]: did God tell you who to vote for?
[[JimScarver]]: belief is subjective, individual, little to do with "the church", nobody can choose their beliefs.
[[JimScarver]]: at least that is what Jesus taught, and I believe.
[[WhiteyScar]]: If no one can choose his beliefs, then what is there to talk about?
[[JimScarver]]: ideas
[[WhiteyScar]]: If there is no free will, then you can't even make the choice to trust in God yourself
[[WhiteyScar]]: submitting to his will was not even your choice
[[JimScarver]]: i didn't have a choice, I was incompetent.
[[WhiteyScar]]: self depreciation does not excuse you or anyone else
[[WhiteyScar]]: well
[[JimScarver]]: when I practiced the disiplin, I had total power, but not integrity.
[[WhiteyScar]]: i'm not sure about that
[[JimScarver]]: anything I wanted I had, but it was not right.
[[JimScarver]]: the Zen.
[[JimScarver]]: I am a master
[[JimScarver]]: heart rate down to 6 beats a minute
[[JimScarver]]: and beyond... i nearl6y died.
[[WhiteyScar]]: Discussing the candidates succeeded in affecting change in my beliefs.  BECAUSE I was open to it.
[[WhiteyScar]]: It is a waste of time for many because they are not open to new ideas and information
[[JimScarver]]: i feel sorry for you
[[WhiteyScar]]: why now
[[JimScarver]]: cause you understand me
[[JimScarver]]: nobody else does
[[WhiteyScar]]: you know that's not true from studying the great minds
[[WhiteyScar]]: these ideas aren't new
[[JimScarver]]: not to be self rightous, as I am just an asshole. but
[[JimScarver]]: yes, all I want is what Jefferson wanted for America, nothing more, or less.
[[WhiteyScar]]: do you think that all of this,  everything that we've discusse lately, is PART of what he wanted?
[[WhiteyScar]]: for America?
[[JimScarver]]: for US
[[WhiteyScar]]: ?
[[JimScarver]]: to me America is supposed to be for S.
[[WhiteyScar]]: is that yes?
[[JimScarver]]: US
[[WhiteyScar]]: US as apposed to who?>
[[JimScarver]]: nobody
[[WhiteyScar]]: lol
[[WhiteyScar]]: so is that a yes?
[[JimScarver]]: there is little human diversity remaining
[[JimScarver]]: all the chirdren are our children
[[WhiteyScar]]: i better get going
[[WhiteyScar]]: pass my song around to anyone n evryone
[[JimScarver]]: i'll pass this whole thing in the diary...
[[WhiteyScar]]: it doesn't mention Bush's name on purpose
[[WhiteyScar]]: i wanted it to have shelf life
[[JimScarver]]: and pray for non-linear effects...
[[WhiteyScar]]: lol
[[WhiteyScar]]: goodnight
[[JimScarver]]: love ya
[[WhiteyScar]]: great talking to you as always
[[WhiteyScar]]: love you too
[[WhiteyScar]]: peace
[[WhiteyScar]] signed off at 10:45:29 PM.

Please Don't Confuse Me

Please don't confuse me
'cause it don't take to much to loose me
Please don't confuse me
Now if you'll please excuse me...

Do you have a reservation
To bring new information?
Why should I ever change The Station?
I need no clarification.

Please don't confuse me
'cause it don't take to much to loose me
Please don't confuse me
Now if you'll please excuse me...

The facts are just a complication
I will not show an oscillation.
Ignoring every revelation
Is how I'll save the Nation.

Please don't change the way I feel
'Cause it's easy to believe
I don't really want to know,
I don't really feel the need.
If you show me something new
It might change my point of view
I might not know what to say
I might not know what to do.

Please don't confuse me
'cause it don't take to much to loose me
Please don't confuse me
Now if you'll please excuse me...



music: [Don'tConfuseMe.mp3]


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