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CollectiveStupidity - the Entropy of CollectiveIntelligence. What any collection of individuals tends to form, due to human egoism and Group Dynamics. Thanks to Group Dynamics, strong egos will not yield their respective positions unless they as individual humans have respect for the community and the opposing sides. This can only happen over time (forming a friendship with the community members and opposing egos). Therefore, until such an equalibrium is reached in any Collection, the only Collective operations that will happen is that of CollectiveStupidity (gaining all of the collaborating members egotisms without their 'wit') until the mutual respect threshold between individuals or the relational networks between specific individuals crosses a mutual respect threshold.

The most powerful example of CollectiveIntelligence including the base CollectiveStupidity is the Internet as a whole, and any two somewhat related community forum sites. Other great examples of CollectiveStupidities of the world are: World Governments and World Parliments/Congresses. ;-)

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